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Test 28

Last year, our company struggled finding Non-QM lenders as we had plenty of borrowers who don’t fit the profile for conforming or government loans, such as small business owners, self-employed contractors and gig economy workers who make up nearly 48% of the private workforce.

Having tried to partner with several A-listed lenders on the market, we almost gave up.

But one day, we were introduced to Oaktree Funding Corp. To be honest, we didn’t even hold our breath.

And shortly after, we couldn’t even believe that our Non-QM hardship have come to an end.

First and foremost, they have an easy-breezy to navigate and super user-friendly portal where you can get access to eligibility engines, run a quick scenario, get product eligibility and rate information, and then click a button to run the AUS, upload the file and get a findings report. Yes, it’s that easy!

Oaktree Funding team (underwriters, account executives, account managers – you name it) are expert communicators, possess tons of knowledge of all loan products, programs and guidelines and provide valuable assistance to brokers and everyone on the team.
We had a tremendous pleasure working with Matt Cefalo (Oaktree Funding Corp Account Executive) and Jenny Lewis (Account Manager). They are super efficient, detail-oriented, great listeners and go into every conversation with an open mind.

Those who deal with mortgages and mortgage lenders, know – it’s an incredibly stressful industry and nothing is more frustrating than waiting by the phone for the super-busy lender to return a call they promised.

Matt and Jenny were always there for us, frequently giving updates on the loan progress and promptly finding a great solution when a loan would come to a halt (for one reason or another). They are flexible, responsive, experienced, upfront with brokers and last, but not least, have delivered an amazing result! We are very happy that finally found a lender who can deliver to everyone’s utmost satisfaction!

Kudos to Oaktree Funding team, especially to Matt and Jenny for the great job done (we certainly hope for a long and fruitful cooperation!) I would highly recommend Oaktree Funding Corporation to everyone who is ready for a smooth and pleasant home-buying ride!

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Test 20

I have found Oak Tree to be the best Non-QM lender who has the most common sense team, weather management or underwriting. Just did one primary purchase with bank statement program, and it was a difficult loan, due to some confusions from some documents from seller however Oak Tree team lead MITCHELL PINKWASSER, Account executive JAY BEACH and MARC NIELSEN, did go above and beyond and not only they made it a very smooth transaction but they completed the closing process in time. Client is happy as well for getting a great rate for Non-QM and is ready to buy an investment house already.


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Test 21

I work at SJ Morgan Private Lending Exchange and have worked with Kale Allred and Da’Shann Austin with all the Non-QM loans we have used Oaktree for. Our loans have all closed successfully. Kale and Da’Shann have always provided top notch service. We look forward to continued successful closings when using Oaktree.

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Test 22

I want to thank Tyler Bilby and Kale Allred for all the help and assistance they provided me on my first loans with Oaktree Funding. They were so helpful to guide me and share information with me as I navigated thru the loan processing with Oaktree! I knew that I could reach out to either/both of them and get the correct, clear direction I needed. Thank you again Tyler and Kale!

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Test 23

The team at Oaktree where very helpful and knowledgeable. Johnny Salmons and Kale Allred walked us through every step. They where always willing to jump on a call if need be to explain items needed. I couldn’t be more pleased with the process and the borrower is extremely satisfied.

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Test 24

My main go to for all NonQM loans. Quick turn times and A team of individuals are truly value your business as their own.
Big shout out to Joseph Marino and Buffie O’Neill for always ensuring a smooth process. We do many purchases with tight deadlines and the oaktree time always ensures to accommodate and make the process seamless. Wouldn’t go elsewhere!

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Test 25

My experience with Oaktree Funding has been amazing because of the manager that I was assigned to. Normandee is a manager that is knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help her brokers work through the issues or challenges on a file. When you need to speak with Normandee about critical condition on your file she always makes the time and effort to call you and have a conversation. Normandee you are a true professional.

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Test 26

Thanks Kale, Johnny and the whole crew at Oaktree Funding! Excellent job, again!

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Test 27

Appreciate the efforts from all to make things move and happen. Thanks

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Test 19

Normandee and Sonny are amazing! I was not familiar with Oak Tree and have not done a brokered file but they are very supporting and knowledgeable. I cannot wait to work with you more in the future. 🙂

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Test 29

As an LO that has been in business for over 4 years, I can tell you that Oaktree Funding has been a blessing for so many of my clients. Owen Wakeman (my AE) and Buffie O’Neill (our UW Liaison) have been always available and responsive – most of the time in a matter of minutes, if not immediately – regarding file elements. With their support, guidance and diligence, I have been able to Close every single file that we have submitted. They have been able to tell me, upfront, if they are unable to circumvent a certain scenario, thus, setting expectations from the get go, and preventing future heartaches for my clients and myself.

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Test 30

Tyler is my account executive. Kale is the account manager. No doubt, these guys are AWESOME!!! Friendly, professional & knowledgeable!!!

Ask my questions, lock the rate on time, escalate to catch up the closing date and follow through the whole process until funding……I can’t appreciate more!!! Thank you, Tyler & Kale! Looking forward to working with you guys in the future!

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Test 31

Five stars for Sonny Haskins (AE) and Normandee Bellingham (AM) for all their hard work and dedication to pushing our files through! Oaktree is great for your out of the box loans. I definitely appreciate all the people working hard over there!

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Test 32

Normandee and Sonny have been most helpful with our files. We appreciated them 🙂

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Test 33

Normandee Ballingham is one of the best AE that I’ve worked with, she will go out of her way to get the answers, so glad we are working with you.

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Test 34

The team at Oak Tree came through for us when we thought a deal might fall apart. They put a rush on our file and we worked through the remaining conditions and got it done. A huge thank you to Derek, Buddy, Jevelyn and the rest of the team at Oak Tree.
I also should mention – when researching interest rates for business bank statement mortgages, their rates were by far the lowest.

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Test 35

I enjoy the products and flexibility that comes with working with Oaktree Funding but Normandee Ballingham is the engine that really makes it work for me. She’s very responsive, timely and always on top of our files. She is truly the reason I continue to come back to Oaktree. The work ethic and character you find in Normandee is definitely hard to come by in an Account Manager these days.

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Test 36

I’m an MLO by trade and went to Oaktree to refinance my home. I am very picky and honestly can be a little difficult to deal with when things don’t move the way I think they should move, based on doing this for 14 years. So, I have to my processor Normandee Ballingham a HUGE shout out because thanks to her hard work and patience with me, I am closing on my loan soon. My favorite part in working with her was her communication. If I had a question or concern, she responded very quickly. Also, there were a few hiccups with the appraisal, but Normandee was able to get underwriting to adjust things so that I basically will end up with the same funds from closing. She and Oaktree as a whole were great and I look forward to working with them in the future with my clients. Thank you!!!

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Test 18

I have worked with many lenders and their managers for 30 years. When I started working with Oaktree Funding I was assigned to Normandee to manage all my loans and condition. Normandee is amazing in the manager how she communicates, if you need to speak with her she will answer your calls and helps her brokers how to work through the conditions. Brokers should fell very luck to have her on their team.

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Test 10

Sonny and Normandee, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all yours hard work. I have been doing bank statement loans with some of the other lenders for the last 3-4 years. I’ve worked with Angel Oak, Athas Capital, Citadel, etc… This was my first bank statement loan with Oaktree and I must say this was the easiest and best experience I’ve had thus far. The UW process was simple and logical. They did not nit pick every little detail and approved it with the expected conditions. Did not condition us for a variety of unneeded conditions as I have experienced with other lenders. This could’ve been a case study of how all banks should be viewing bank statement loans. Normandee helped us to stay on track and get the required items. She was clear and efficient and always available if we had questions. Sonny you were extremely helpful with informing us on how the program worked and the guidelines. Walked us through the submission process and was always available for when I had questions or concerns. Your knowledge and understanding of your product instilled confidence with my whole team here at Absolute. This loan got cleared to close in what seemed like the blink of an eye. We ended up CTC almost 2 weeks prior to closing. An absolute breath of fresh air and a relief to know I have a lender that I can count on to get my loans thru and to closing which is the most important part of this whole business. All while offering very competitive products and pricing. Very excited to keep sending our bank statement deals to your team. Thanks for the hard work and let’s keep em cranking!

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Test 11

The very least I could do or say to you guys as my lender and my broker is THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! As professionals in the real estate world you guys put soooo much on the line to assist me BEYOND your job requirements. Again, thank you. I realize that for the past several weeks my buyer/seller situation had become a “fiasco” that I’m quite sure you guys have never before witnessed. Neither had I. I had NO CLUE the level of a “snake” I was dealing with. And I was certainly not expecting things to go COMPLETELY crazy at the 1st closing. But…you guys hung in there with me and gave me hope (and guidance) until yesterday finally happened…and I finally closed. Wow! My prayer is that you guys will SOAR in your individual careers as a result of ALL you did to get me to the closing table …both times. Thank you. Jay, Stephanie let me know that you prayed for us. Your prayers worked. Stephanie, you recommended the best attorney for this situation and it worked. On behalf of my husband and I… We were able to sleep in PEACE in our home last night. What a great feeling! May God bless you both with success BEYOND MEASURE ! Forever Grateful.

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Test 12

I don’t normally give reviews, however, due to the successes I’ve had with all the files I have submitted to Oaktree during the summer of 2021 to current, I can confirm they know to close complex loans. In the beginning, it was a rough patch because I had to learn their systems and how they operate. Once we figured each other’s nuisances we created a Dream team with Mari Woods and Normandee. I will admit it’s not always as ezpz but in reality what Non-QM loan is! What matters is getting them on the phone (and they always pick up) to work on the files to come up with solutions to make the loan work for both the borrower and underwriting.

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Test 13

Enjoyed the experience with Oaktree Funding. I had a borrower who had been declined multiple times due to being self-employed. Oaktree took the loan from the beginning, an appraisal done in a week, and CTC in 30 days. The borrower was happy to get the house and I was happy to get the deal done. Thank you Jevelyn, Normandee, and Derek. You guys will be my go-to people for NON-QM loans.

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Test 14

I absolutely love working with Oaktree. I’ve been using them for almost two years now. As a Mortgage Broker, it’s vitally important who you work with, and I can say to this day, that Oaktree Funding Corp is a valuable partner for me and my brokerage. Derek has been my AE from day one. He’s very knowledgeable, honest, and has the ability to stand by his word. I love working with everyone there. Normandee, whom helps Derek, and Mitchell, who is also my go-to helper once loans are in underwriting and need to get closed.

I highly recommend this team of professionals.

Thank you guys!

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Test 15

I worked with Oaktree Funding on a refinance of my construction loan. Tom was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the process. No regrets whatsoever working with them. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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Test 16

We’ve done three loans with Oaktree in the past 12-month, 10 total. Good customer service, Good response time and Good financing options.

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Test 17

Never had a chance to thank all of you for your part in an outstanding performance on getting this across the finish line…I tested positive for Covid the day after the closed and it all but took me out through Thanksgiving.

There were very limited options for this file and although the clients and agents wanted this to close earlier I know you did everything possible to make this a priority and in my opinion, you all crushed it!

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Test 9

Corey & I just got a CTC at Oak Tree Funding on a Non-QM loan 2wks before the contract closing date. These guys were great to work with and I highly recommend using them if you have non-qm/bank statement loans. This borrower had just under 2yrs on 1099 and Oak Tree helped us find a way to get this done.

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Test 1

You have a great team that works very diligently to get the file to closing.

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Test 2

The entire team involved allowed me to get this loan from start to finish in approximately 23 days which I feel is a remarkable accomplishment for a Non QM loan! We met all the expectations for the borrowers while ensuring a happy and satisfied customer. I felt the entire Oaktree Funding team played a significant role to get this done on time. Although I faced some challenges from the builder, we were able to deliver loan documents to the title agency within 16 calendar days after I submitted the complete loan package to Oaktree Funding on Saturday, June 8th. Unbelievable! … Without their “Can Do” attitude and commitment, in getting this loan completed within the established time frame would not have been possible without them. You guys definitely made me look like a “superstar” with my borrowers. I truly appreciate all your team efforts.

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Test 3

This was my first closing with your company and I believe it was your first closing in the State of North Carolina. This was a very unique situation because the seller would not agree to a contract extension. We were under enormous pressure due to this hard deadline. The entire team; Da’Shann, Jacob, Janice, Colin, Randy, Margarita and I’m sure many others that I’m unaware of, really stepped up to the plate and made this miracle closing happen on Saturday, the very last allowable day of the contract. I am new to your procedures and had no time for a learning curve. Your team, especially Jacob Giles, stepped in and helped me expedite certain aspects of the process which was most appreciated. In all of my 34 years in the mortgage industry, I have never worked with a lender who received an appraisal and closed 4 days later.

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Test 4

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to be able to work with a lender who not only says they can make it happen, they actually do make it You have earned my respect and my business. I look forward to working with you again soon.

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Test 5

All of Oaktree’s team work long and hard to get this done, especially Derek Olich my AE was exceptionally helpful from start to finish. Derek alway’s picked up the phone, or called me back right away as well as answer all my e-mails in a very timely manner (even after hours). Derek took the stress out of this loan for me and was on point the whole way through. Derek is someone I will have no problem contacting for the next loan that I have and will sending to Oaktree. I will look at Oaktree for many products, but hands down Oaktree is who I will call… I know that underwriting doesn’t know the personal side of the borrower doing the loan, but in this case you could pass this on that this loan saved a mother and her child from having to move out of their home and live in an apartment. I need to give Kudos to Janice and Joe on this as well, they were fantastic all the way through as well. This loan made lending fun for me again.

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Test 6

I have to first off begin by telling you that I have not done a bank statement loan in over 10 years. This particular file just happens to be a dear friend of mine so you can only imagine how nervous I was going into this transaction. Troy was very professional and answered all of my questions and helped get me set up on your portal. I was surprised by how easy the process was. Although Troy did most of the work for me the entire process was seamless. As soon as the file was submitted Brandin jumped right in and carried the file right to closing. I had a couple of changes that needed to made while the file was in closing and Randy took care of them immediately.

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Test 7

I believe we started the file on October 12 and it closed and funded on November 5th. Truly amazing! All parties involved were just overwhelmed by how smoothly this process was especially the borrower. Everything just clicked into place. I wish all my conforming files could be this easy. Thanks for making me look like a hero!

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Test 8

The entire team from start to finish was awesome! The escrow company also gave your company high praise as well which is huge coming from escrow. I can’t wait for our next deal together. Thank you!